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keyBlueRISC Inc. was founded in 2002 to develop ironclad hardware-centric security and anti-tamper solutions for assuring software copy protection, enforcing intended use, defending against tampering, and protecting critical software and hardware IP. Competing companies offer conventional hardware solutions claiming "hardware-based" security, which is vulnerable to many known attacks, or the even more vulnerable software-only-based security and obfuscation solutions. In comparison, the pillars of trust in BlueRISC solutions are its game-changing end-point security processors and hardware roots of trust.

BlueRISC offers complete hardware-centric anti-tamper and security solutions with comprehensive tool, kernel-level security software and hardware-platform ecosystem―everything needed for both design time and deployment/runtime. It also offers broad access to its hardware-assisted security technologies/products through its Advanced Technology Access Program (ATAP)―a unique BlueRISC business model. BlueRISC solutions are targeted at the defense, financial, and critical infrastructure markets and are used to protect effectively against the most sophisticated cyber and physical attacks, including nation-state attacks. Learn more about BlueRISC products.


Certain technical details regarding BlueRISC's solutions are purposefully withheld from this website.  For more information regarding our anti-tamper products, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Why BlueRISC? 

  • Most advanced hardware-centric solutions for digital-level anti tamper and cyber defense in computers and embedded systems
  • Intended-use and integrity enforcement, IP protection, and anti cloning with out-of-band protection
  • Security preservation independent of the operating system (OS)
  • Hardware roots of trust with ironclad security against in-wire and physical attacks
  • A comprehensive ecosystem with sophisticated tools for transparent insertion of technology, flexible add-on platforms, and options to embed