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Focus and Team

The promise of security in current systems is countered daily by news about security break-ins at all system layers, from chips to application software, and embedded systems. Founded in 2002, we invent cutting-edge system assurance solutions for the 21st century with novel software and hardware designs focusing on security technologies that can be game changing.

Our approaches span from vulnerability analysis/avoidance to exploit detection and software self-healing in the field, as well as to post cyber-attack forensic analysis. Products include tools and systems to be deployed. We are continuously involved in cutting-edge R&D with several key R&D funding agencies. Our customers are in 21 countries. Many of our technologies are patented.
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BlueRiSC Inc.  is headquartered in the beautiful town of Amherst, Mass., with sales representatives in San Jose, Atlanta, and Dallas. BlueRiSC has assembled a first-class,  talented team  and advisors with cutting-edge experience from leading security, semiconductor and software companies as well as academia.

Dr Csaba Andras Moritz is the founder, Chief Architect, and Chairman of BlueRiSC Inc. Andras is a serial entrepreneur who initiated entrepreneurial directions such as CDC RD AB, BlueRiSC, WindowsSCOPE.com, EPRIVO private email service, and ExaSCALE.  He is often the driving visionary behind BlueRiSC’s approaches and directions.  Andras has a unique background, having spent half of his career in various technical and executive-management positions in industry and half in academia. He lived and worked in Romania, Hungary, Sweden and the UK before joining MIT in 1996. He is a tenured full professor at UMass Amherst and the recipient of many awards including 9 Best Technical Paper/Research type of  awards in IEEE/ACM International Symposiums and national research centers. He was involved in the executive committee of two national research centers, been a guest editor/associate editor of several IEEE Journals, and is the founding steering committee chair of IEEE Transactions on Multiscale Systems. He has been the General Chair of 6 IEEE International Symposiums that he organized worldwide. His passion is innovation and seeing innovation mature in startup organizations.

Kris Carver, Technical Director, is leading the system architectural activities for security and related technical teams. Kris is a co-inventor of many of the BlueRiSC patents and has been a key contributor to and/or led several of the technical approaches and their implementations across the software-hardware spectrum. In 2002 he graduated first in his class as a CSE major at UMass Amherst. Before joining BlueRiSC Kris worked at Lucent. Since he joined BlueRiSC Kris has been the PI and lead many R&D contracts and he often presents on behalf of BlueRiSC and security events. When not at BlueRiSC Kris is avid golfer and spends time with his lovely family.

Sylvia Moritz, President, and Vice President of Operations and Finance, a graduate in art history and English literature from Stockholm University with training in programming and finance at Harvard University, is in charge of daily operations, planning,  customer projects, and finance. Sylvia is an expert on all government contracting requirements.  Before joining BlueRiSC Sylvia worked as an IT consultant in many companies, including CareInsite (bought by WebMD), The Travelers, Cambridge Interactive, and CDC RD. Sylvia brings unique management expertise and knowledge of information technology together with a soft touch.

BlueRiSC advisory board members include Don Alpert, architect of the Intel Pentium CPU; Howard Landman, key lead of the 128-bit processor in Playstation II; Christof Paar, co-founder of ESCRYPT Inc., leading expert in secure systems, and professor at the University of Bochum, Germany; and Sujan Jain, former CFO at Transmeta and a member of the initial BlueRiSC business team.