Key Events and Milestones
BlueRISC Releases WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics 3.2

Amherst, MA, August 2017. BlueRISC launched version 3.2 of the WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics tool suite, including support for Windows 10 and advanced data search capabilities to find URLs, credit cards, names, and other forensic artifacts in captured…

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BlueRISC Wins DARPA Contract

Amherst, MA, March 2016. BlueRISC secured additional DARPA funds to further its software assurance technology towards integration into government programs in conjunction with current partners.

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Department of Homeland Security Award

Washington DC, February 19, 2016. BlueRISC receives the “Bang for the Buck” award for MRoT (Mobile Root-of-Trust) technology presented at the DHS S&T CSD R&D Showcase. Selection was made from companies performing cyber security research for DHS.…

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