We invent cutting-edge system assurance
solutions for the 21st century

with novel software and hardware designs focusing on security technologies that can be  game changing. Our approaches span from vulnerability analysis/avoidance to exploit detection and software self-healing in the field, as well as to post cyber-attack forensic analysis. Products include tools and systems to be deployed.

Most Advanced Security R&D

Since 2002 we have been involved in some of the most advanced R&D for next generation security solutions. Commercial customers in 21 countries. Projects with Darpa, OSD, Air Force, MDA, Navy, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cyber Crime Centers and others.

Uniquely Unconventional

How do you solve problems that consistently challenge the status-quo? We build on unique ideas that are fundamental in nature to provide more than an incremental improvement on state-of-the-art.

Always Easy to Insert and Use

Usability remains a key consideration in everything we do.