Voyager Analytics: BlueRiSC Maritime Systems Solution

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At BlueRiSC, Inc., we develop state-of-the-art embedded system solutions in sensing applications as well as security. We understand the demand for advanced sensing solutions combined with AI-drive analytics in both commercial and defense markets.

In August 2022, BlueRiSC won new DARPA support to further develop maritime AI-based analytics solution. Voyager Analytics is a solution to record and replay maritime voyages and view map with current and past vessel positions and associated analytics. It is enabled by a secure cloud and AI/ML technology for real-time/historical analytics on vessel path, weather, equipment health, comfort, and environment.

Unique capabilities include:

  • Real-time warnings of unusual events and anomalies
  • Prescriptive guidance on comfort, efficiency, environment impact and maintenance
  • Projected comfort levels per vessel
  • Predictive maintenance sensors
  • GPS spoof detection and mitigation

The Voyager Analytics IoT device integrates with a vessel’s CAN bus and can gather data independently with an optional add-on sensor suite.

This solution is perfect for the yacht chartering and the blue-water sailing industries, and more.

Learn more information about Voyager Analytics by downloading BlueRiSC’s recent whitepaper.

Visit our Contact Us web page or email to schedule a one-hour WebEx meeting, and BlueRiSC will provide a live demonstration of Voyager Analytics’ unique features and capabilities.