Secure Processor Cores

UniQore and TrustGUARD Secure Processors - Secure SoftCore Processors for FPGAs

UniQore and TrustGUARD are a family of soft-core secure processors for securing embedded systems with FPGAs or end-points with add-on FPGA cards. They are synthesizable and can be instantiated in FPGA logic. BlueRiSC invented the concept of unique instruction sets and interfaces – made unique to each product line or device depending on customer integration. These two secure processor families target different use cases. In particular, UniQore commercial is a very low overhead processor core that can be used as an add-on to a customer reconfigurable hardware. Both come with ecosystem and security firmware as well as standard interfaces for Xilinx, MicroSemi, and Altera FPGAs. They build on unique, patented concepts for securing the internals of a device and/or software against various kinds of attacks.