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Whitepaper: BlueRiSC, Inc. – Broad Capabilities Introduction

Since 2002, BlueRiSC,Inc. has been involved in some of the most advanced R&D for next-generation cyber security solutions, with commercial partners in 21 countries and department of defense customers. Products include tools and systems with a focus in three directions: system assurance, cyber forensics, and privacy to be deployed. BlueRiSC solves problems that consistently challenge the status-quo by building on unique ideas that are fundamental to provide more than an incremental improvement on state-of-the-art. Discover an overview of BlueRiSC and its broad capabilities by downloading this whitepaper. 

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Whitepaper: Voyager Analytics – Maritime AI Based Real-time/Historical Analytics

Voyager Analytics is a solution to record and replay maritime voyages, and view map with current and past vessel positions and associated analytics (on vessel path, weather, equipment health and environment), enabled by a secure cloud and AI/ML technology. It includes real-time warnings of unusual events and anomalies, prescriptive guidance, and GPS spoof detection. The IoT device integrates with a vessel’s CAN bus and can gather data independently with optional add-on sensor suite. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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BlueRISC’s ThreatSCOPE binary-level exploitability analysis and mitigation technology, sold in commercial markets, supports three main use cases: interactive exploitability analysis and reporting, vulnerability testing and coverage, and runtime mitigation/cyber-hardening of deployed systems. Learn details about how ThreatSCOPE Analysis, the static analysis portion, and ImmuneSoft, the runtime portion, work together and are unique in addressing cyber threats enabling identifying and remedying potential paths for exploits in embedded systems.

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Whitepaper: WindowsSCOPE Cyber Forensics User Interface

BlueRiSC’s WindowSCOPE, a cyber forensics tool, provides post-compromise memory forensics for Windows with a full reverse engineering analysis. Download our whitepaper to read about its unique features including a comprehensive view of critical system components, interactive graphing analysis, historical forensic comparisons, data analysis, and much more.

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Whitepaper: Sender-controlled private email – electronic privacy with EPRIVO

EPRIVO is a unique patented private-email service enabling users to continue using their existing email addresses whilst adding innovative privacy controls, authentication, and encryption to their messages. EPRIVO’s longer term vision is addressing digital privacy issues, particularly those involving the vulnerability of communication and private collaborations in the cloud era. Read this whitepaper to discover EPRIVO’s ground-breaking privacy features and more.

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UniQoreTM is a comprehensive soft-core secure processor based protection solution for embedded systems.  Use cases include key management support, data-at-rest protection, software CPI protection and FPGA bitstream protection. Available for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs. To learn more please email us at sales@bluerisc.com.

Whitepaper: GPS IntelliSense Bolt-on AI/ML GPS Spoof Detection Capability

The GPS IntelliSense is an AI-enabled GPS spoof detection capability that can easily be integrated into a variety of systems. It is a complete software system to make predictions that is provisioned for integration with GPNTS and GHOST products, as well as others. Download the whitepaper to learn details about this collaboration between BlueRISC and Raytheon Missile and Defense (RMD).

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